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Course Etiquette and Standards

The Club Committee is particularly concerned that time honoured Courtesies and Standards of Etiquette are upheld and promoted in Oughterard Golf Club.

Standard of Dress

Neat dress is essential at all times.


Track suits, runners and singlets are not permitted. Golf shoes must be worn. Tailored shorts only are permitted and must be accompanied by sports socks. Football, beach and cycling shorts are not acceptable. The folding of trousers into socks is not acceptable except when wearing over-trousers. The use of mobile phones is not permitted on the course other than in the case of emergency.

Consideration of Other Players

In the interest of all, players should play without delay. Remember your place on the course is: immediately behind the players in front and not directly in front of the players behind.


Neat dress is essential in the clubhouse at all times, especially at functions and prize-giving ceremonies. Golf shoes, baseball caps, runners, men’s shorts and track suits are not permitted. Young children must be supervised at all times whilst in the premises. They are not permitted on the balcony, to run up and down the stairs or to use the elevators.